The stock exchange is the very essence of market freedom – innately bound with the natural and inalienable human right of possession.

It is exactly that reason why we created a decentralised and encrypted tool in which the user’s privacy is protected under the assumption it is a value that we are all entitled to – and consider to be a virtuous good.

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BigShortBets - How Does It Work?


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Polskie sadownictwo jest podstawą dużego jabłkowego biznesu, jednak wymaga inwestycji i zmian, aby osiągnąć swój maksymalny potencjał dla polskiej gospodarki i rolników
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Badanie rynku maliny — zmieniających się trendów i konkurencji, a także wpływu wydarzeń na Ukrainie na polski i europejski rynek owoców miękkich. Dokument zawiera analizę cyklicznego charakteru rynku
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Prezentujemy przegląd dynamicznie rozwijającego się sektora odnawialnych źródeł energii (OZE), mającego kluczowe znaczenie dla globalnej transformacji energetycznej.
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Czy sytuacja geopolityczna i polityka zagraniczna głównych bloków stanowią szansę długoterminowego wzrostu sektora obronnego?
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Delisting agroholdingowego giganta, czyli krótkie rozważanie o polsko-ukraińskim inwestowaniu w luksemburską spółkę notowaną na GPW
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Czy rynek szkła opakowaniowego & płaskiego w nadchodzących latach czeka wzrost?

Token $BigSB



Total Supply:

Tokens Burnt:


Start burn:


End burn:


Circulating Supply:


BIGSB Markets


# Exchange Pair Price Trade


# Exchange Pair Price Trade


Every decentralized platform with an ecosystem needs something that could help the information flow and facilitate all transactions on the platform. Using existing tokens would be too reliant and sensitive. That’s why we came up with our own token – BigSB.


BigSB is a BigShortBets platform token that performs functions such as: admission ticket, platform currency and base token.


Our token is also used to access a social application for investors, an investor’s voting power meter and a currency used to pay for access to all market information.

Deflationary token

BigShortBets charges a 1.5% fee per each transaction.

  • 0.5% is automatically burnt, in turn reducing the number of BigSB tokens in circulation
  • 1% is divided equally across all BigSB hodlers.


Staking is achieved via the usage of an RFI – like mechanism. Staking always works for every
hodler – thanks to which we cut off the supply of tokens and encourage $BigSB owners to hodl.

Utility in the BigShortBets tool

The number of BigSB tokens one has directly influences the quality and access to market data,
leaks and non-public data. Any active user is incentivised to utilise the BigSb tokens to operate
within the platform.

Thanks to that we limit the supply of BigSB tokens in the market and decrease the supply pressure –
translating into a higher probability of increasing the BigSB token’s value.



We are creating a social platform that guarantees encrypted interaction between investors. Logging in is possible via a cryptocurrency wallet (e.g. Metamask). The security level is one comparable to the Tor network.

On the BigShortBets platform, we fully decentralize futures trading. We do this by allowing platform users to place bets on whatever they like. Bets on NASDAQ, S&P 500, gold etc. are just the tip of the iceberg. Soon you will be able to create and bet with users, using $ BigSB tokens, on short and long-term positions.

We enable speculative action for everyone – much like the GameStop event. An unobstructed free flow of information in the name of freedom of speech and opinion.

The credibility of information and sources found on BigShortBets is ensured via a token-based reputation system and a social community ranking.

Our tool will be widely available across the platforms of mobile apps, web, desktop and Tor.

  • mobile version
  • desktop version
  • Tor version

Active accounts:



The project’s aim is to deliver a platform that enables social interaction between users, encryption and anonymization of content and bets on futures trading feature.

Project already fulfilled the Roadmap plans for delivering the working MVP before the token release. Messages feature on the BigShortBets platform is already encrypted and secure. Right now the Team is working on a Market feature that will allow users to place “Bets” on the platform.

$BigSB token is now tradable on Uniswap.

Every week on our YouTube channel we present continuous improvement and feature development.

Our overarching goal is not the token itself – but rather the need for the token in order for the application to be operational in it’s desired form.

Local presale

Core team assembly

Business analysis and prototyping

Sandbox release

International Presale

SandBox upgrades implementation

Public Sale

TGE, Listing and distribution

Community development

Audit & Pentests

BigSB TestNet deployment

Tool Beta tests

Paid Baits TestNet deployment

Groups extension

Audit & Pentests results

Market 1.0 Launch

Paid Groups

BigSB Mobile 1.0

Market 2.0

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Rafał Zaorski

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Rafał Zaorski – a founder and member of the bigshortbet$ community. A trader with many years of experience that is not afraid to show his victories and failure to the public. He is the founder of the Trading Jam Session community and foundation – related to financial education and the fight against unfair financial practices. He made 100M by shorting Luna’s fall and Bitcoin’s decline. All plays are broadcasted on his YouTube channel.

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