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2024 USA election

trade on election poll results and final outcomes

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Market Peer 2 Peer

Unique & Event-Based Ultra-Low Fees & No Swaps TSLA/USDC, GOLD/USDC, TRUMP/BIDEN Chat With Your Counterparty Real P2P Trading Without Middleman Try The Testnet Now!






After 2 years of R&D and strategic pivots, BigShortBets has emerged stronger and more resilient. We are excited to present our decentralized P2P market.

BigShortBets aims to launch the world’s largest P2P market without KYC and AML constraints. Our platform facilitates direct transactions between users, allowing you to create and trade unique, event-driven markets. As proof, we’ve already launched a special U.S. election polls market featuring a Biden/Trump trading contest. Whether speculating on prices or major events, our true P2P setup means you’re directly trading with another user and can even chat with them in real-time. With ultra-low fees, zero swaps, and native token support, we are ready to shake up the landscape of P2P trading. Enjoy experimenting on our testnet as we prepare for real-money trading soon.

Do you know what a peer-to-peer market really is?

A peer-to-peer market eliminates intermediaries, allowing you to trade directly with another user. Unlike traditional exchanges where orders are pooled, our market matches your transaction directly with a counterparty, whom you can identify. A unique feature of our market is the ability to chat with the other side, proving that the market operates completely without middlemen. This direct interaction ensures a truly decentralized trading experience. This is what a peer-to-peer market really is.