Discover how a new plan for BIGSB token ecosystem involves strategic token buybacks and exclusive ownership benefits through revenue-generating business models.


August 10, 2023

After a short break, we return with renewed energy and a visionary outlook that’s set to improve the BIGSB token ecosystem. We’re thrilled to present an exciting new phase in the BIGSB project – a strategic plan centered around the BIGSB token. In this article, we unveil business models, meticulously designed to not only generate revenue but also empower and enrich BIGSB hodlers.

Our mission has always been to add tangible value to the BIGSB community, and our new business models are a testament to this commitment. We’re introducing a series of innovative initiatives that are poised to redefine how we perceive tokenomics. These models are more than just revenue streams; they’re pathways to empowerment for our dedicated BIGSB hodlers.

A cornerstone of our strategic vision is the allocation of a minimum of 10% of the profit generated by these business models towards buying back BIGSB tokens from the Uniswap pool. This isn’t just about enhancing token scarcity; it’s a declaration of our dedication to sustainable growth. By ensuring a methodical buyback, we’re solidifying our commitment to the long-term success of the bigshortbets ecosystem.

Our current roster of business models features notable players like bigshortbets Research and the bigshortbets Market. But let us assure you, this is just the beginning. These models serve as the bedrock for our grand vision, as we set our sights on creating an array of pioneering ventures that will redefine the norms of the industry.

The bigshortbets Market model represents a quantum leap in our tokenomics strategy. Exclusively accessible to BIGSB token holders, this model introduces a revolutionary concept – a revenue-sharing mechanism integrated into platform transactions. This isn’t just about passive ownership; it’s about active engagement and shared prosperity.

Here’s where it gets intriguing. The revenue-sharing mechanism within the bigshortbets Market model isn’t uniform; it’s proportional. This means that the rewards are directly tied to the quantity of BIGSB tokens each holder possesses. We’re fostering an ecosystem where dedication is directly translated into rewards, ensuring fairness and alignment.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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