Monitored projects

Bigshortbets AUDIT

Bigshortbets Audit is an independent organization that specializes in auditing and validating cryptocurrency projects.

Our main goal is to assist crypto startups in overcoming challenges associated with the so-called “last mile,” by ensuring trust not only in blockchain technology but also in the people behind the projects.

What issues does Bigshortbets resolve?

We have identified that the main problem for cryptocurrency startups is the so-called “last mile” – the verification of trust in the people involved in the project. Blockchain technology can effectively ensure trust in information, but it does not solve the issue of trust in people. Our solution is continuous and systematic project validation.

Our service consists of two main parts:

  1. Audit: We check the project and determine whether there are conditions for its monthly validation.
  2. Validation: Every month, we control the “last mile” of the project and publish our findings.

Through our public work, we create a list of warnings and alerts about emerging cryptocurrency projects. This allows investors and interested parties to better understand the potential risks associated with specific projects.

Yes, we have documented experience in warning against projects considered “dubious,” such as LUNA, 10SET, METAHERO, EVERDOME, FANADISE. Our warnings are based on thorough analysis and audits, which help promote safe investing in the crypto industry.

If you are interested in our services or would like to get more information, we encourage you to contact us directly – [email protected] or through social media. We are here to help create a safer environment for all participants in the cryptocurrency market.