bigshortbets announces the burn of 70M of BIGSB supply that marks an end of R&D phase of the project and begins a commercialization stage focused on generating revenue from areas of operation.


October 2, 2023


With the ending of the R&D phase, bigshortbets intends to reduce the total supply of BIGSB tokens by 70%, reducing it from 100M tokens to 30M. The contract, which was previously blocked, became unlocked on September 7. The main goal is to make the BIGSB tokenomics more attractive to foreign investors by better aligning total supply with circulating supply. This will provide better transparency and confidence for the tokenomics model.

To achieve this, BIGSB Tokens will be burned gradually and systematically. Instead of performing one large burn event, the supply reduction will be performed in phases, with a certain amount burned on each event. This approach avoids market disruptions.

The wallet responsible for initiating this supply burn is the largest BIGSB token wallet and can be found on the Ethereum blockchain at 0x286b2eb4f4DBF2dFFc1FcB00BAB547f103be5fd4.

As part of supply burn, the 1.5% burn and redistribution function integrated into tokenomics model will not be activated. Please note that this feature will be excluded so as not to disrupt the existing tokenomics system.

This reduction in supply will make BIGSB tokens more attractive to potential foreign investors, while maintaining a clear and transparent tokenomics structure. The burning of 70M BIGSB marks the end of the bigshortbets R&D phase and at the same time begins the commercialization stage of the project focused on revenues and profitability from two areas:

  1. bigshortbets Research – which achieved profitability in August 2023, basing its operations on the 7k community of bigshortbets whistleblowers and a closed research team carrying out own orders of the main investor Rafał Zaorski and external entities on behalf of them.Currently, bigshortbets research is the most influential formation in Poland in terms of reach that deals with sectoral analysis of the market, companies and people.Details of the offer can be found at research.bigshortbets.comLatest information: twitter/bigsb_research
  2. P2P Futures Market – which will be financed by arbitrage between the P2P Futures Market and the regulated market. All commissions will be automatically converted to BIGSB and then burned, affecting the price. The Market was originally to be launched in June 2023 – after compliance tests, it did not meet the P2P requirements. The decision was made to make changes to ensure 100% transactions without intermediaries – that is, to meet the requirements of decentralized peer-2-peer transactions between users.P2P Futures Market V2:

The burning of 70 million BIGSB tokens will increase attractiveness for foreign investors and adjust supply to circulation. The burning process will be carried out gradually, and the main wallet with 70M tokens will be responsible for implementing these activities. The project is moving from the R&D phase to the commercialization phase to ensure profitability, focusing on two areas: bigshortbets research, which has achieved profitability, and P2P Futures Market, which has undergone changes to increase decentralization. This is a next step in the development of the bigshortbet$ project towards generating revenue and building recognition and trust.

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