Utilization of ICP technology on bigshortbets platform is a first step of long-lasting cooperation.


March 8, 2023

The cryptocurrency and blockchain technology market is undergoing a cleanse and certain clarification of future trends. The industry is facing many challenges that will shape the crypto environment for the coming months.

It’s about choosing a viable technology and regulatory framework. This is not a time to “wait” but an ideal time to make progress. At bigshortbets, we focus on systematic, well-thought-out development which results in diversified development paths.

Recent months have brought fruitful talks with the DFINITY foundation. Under the current agreement, the bigshortbets team implements the BETS token technology provided by ICP in a test environment to launch bigshortbets services and the P2P Market. The BETS token is the utility token of the bigshortbets platform.

The development path includes the launch of bigshortbets services using ICP Canister. The implementation is primarily a test of the ICP environment, and its result will have a key impact on the further cooperation with ICP. You can get acquainted with the first effects of cooperation by watching Devs & Hodlers meetings on YouTube, where we discuss the details of the work and many technical issues on an ongoing basis.

The Internet Computer adds autonomous serverless cloud functionality to the public internet – making it possible to build almost any system or service entirely on a decentralized network using “canister software,” an evolution of smart contracts.

The P2P Market is currently in beta testing, which can be joined by any user of the bigshortbets platform. The team collects all feedback regarding the operation of the P2P Market, which can be forwarded directly to the developers via Telegram or via the bug reporting function within the bigshortbets platform. Check out user manual for more info.

We are aware of potential risks, so the steps are taken carefully, leaving alternative development directions up our sleeve. The design decisions are based on community and team feedback. You are encouraged to actively participate in the development of the bigshortbets platform.

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