bigshortbets & WOO Network teams up as we join efforts to build a robust community of traders and connect them with unparalleled tools and knowledge.


April 10, 2023

bigshortbets, the online community for stock market investors, has recently announced a new partnership with Woo Network, a blockchain-based ecosystem. As part of this partnership, Woo Network has bought BIGSB tokens worth $100,000 to become a significant part of the BIGSB community and a member of the BIGSB Government.

WOO Network is an ecosystem that aggregates liquidity through different platforms to provide the best solution for its users through deep liquidity, zero fee zone, powerful tool analytics and great customer care.

bigshortbets – which has strong presence in Poland – and Woo Network are committed to supporting the local investors’ community. The partnership aims to connect communities and create new opportunities for traders to learn, collaborate, and share their insights. By joining forces, both platforms can leverage their unique strengths to build more comprehensive solutions for traders to connect, share & trade.

bigshortbets has already established itself as a leading platform for stock market investors in Poland. The platform has almost 10,000 registered real users and a strong track record of providing high-quality market insights and research. By partnering with Woo Network, BigShortBets can expand its reach and connect with a broader community of traders and investors across the globe.

On the other hand, Woo Network has a strong presence in the blockchain community worldwide. The platform has been successful in creating a space for blockchain enthusiasts, and investors. By partnering with BigShortBets, Woo Network can connect with a broader community.

This partnership will also benefit bigshortbets on the international level. As we continue to grow and expand, BigShortBets aim to establish a strong position in the global investment community. By leveraging their unique strengths and combining their efforts, both can achieve this goal and create more comprehensive platforms for investors worldwide.

In conclusion, the partnership between BigShortBets and Woo Network represents a significant opportunity for traders and investors in Poland and beyond. By leveraging their unique strengths and combining their efforts, both platforms can create a more comprehensive platform for investors to connect and collaborate. As they continue to grow and evolve, the partnership will undoubtedly create new opportunities for traders to maximize their returns and build a stronger community of like-minded investors worldwide.

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