• BigShortBets.com is a blockchain-based project with the goal of empowering the user to trade information – in a decentralized, anonymous and safe manner. It is a platform that unites the investor communities and enables conducting activities that – had they not been anonymous – might not be possible to execute..

  • Right now, tokens can be bought via Uniswap App. Token contract address is 0x131157c6760f78f7ddf877c0019eba175ba4b6f6.

    You can use this direct link.

  • Any wallet that supports Smart Contracts and the ERC-20 network (Ethereum). MetaMask, MetaMask + Trezor, MetaMask + Ledger, MyEtherWallet support ERC-20 and Smart Contracts. Detailed instructions regarding the features and supported networks are available in your wallet’s manual.

  • ERC-20 is the basis of our Smart Contract. Sending tokens in another standard carries the consequence of sending it to an identical address but in another network – that is in no way subject to our control, nor is it linked to our project in any manner.

  • No, as that would make it impossible to receive tokens. All operations have to be executed at wallet(address) level to which you bear the private keys. The sending address of the exchange is not accessible by us.

  • BIGSB tokens will be receivable after the Token Generation Event (TGE) which will occur upon the finalization of all sale stages. Prior to the TGE we will provide the userbase with an adequate liquidity on the UNISWAP market.

  • Tokens will be split via a settlement contract (unlike collection contracts). It will be necessary to summon a function (via Dapp) that settles all payments for a given address, simultaneously releasing the calculated amount of tokens. Thus, it is necessary to use wallets that support contracts/DApp. Alternatively, you will be able to use an automated DApp on Etherscan.

  • In this presale, BIGSB tokens will be calculated on a fixed price of $0.95. In the event of an ETH payment, the value calculated is the ETH value at the time of closing the Smart Contract.

  • KYC stands for Know Your Customer and it is a standard procedure of due diligence (coming from banking regulation) that is required of any legal entity to identify their customers and collecting precise information to execute trades above a certain level of funds. The aim of KYC is AML (anti-money laundering). Any transfer above 5 ETH or €15 000 has to go through the procedure.

  • The plan is to release the tool as a mobile application for both iOS and Android, as well as a website accessible via TOR. In the next phases of the project a desktop app is being considered.

  • In order to use TOR you have to download a safe web browser, e.g. TorBrowser. You can download it here https://www.torproject.org/.

    The pillar of the project is safety & anonymity of our users – which sometimes requires using completely new tools & methods of communication. We promise that we remain committed to finding solutions that are most user-friendly, at the same time not discounting the safety & anonymity standards.

  • The client applications will be entirely open-source. Ideally, the mobile apps should be verifiable by our users as well – meaning that anyone could check whether the application you have downloaded is a 1:1 reflection of the open-source code displayed by us.

    However, there are no plans to release the back-end code of the application. Releasing that could pose a risk to the safety of using the application. This is not a final decision – yet, bearing in mind the promise of BSB, we will only debate that decision upon a consultation with back-end & cybersecurity experts.

  • Logging into the tool will be possible via a MetaMask wallet containing BIGSB tokens. If that is something new for you – we will be providing walkthrough videos, guiding you step by step.

    We are not utilising personal data for logging in (e-mail, phone etc.).

  • None. The tool is entirely anonymous. We are not collecting any information about the users.

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