Collected funds on contract

Current contract value (USD):
Current contract value (ETH):
Current contract value (total):
Contract end date: 2021-05-31, 23:59:59

Deposits below 15 000 EUR or 5 ETH

Presale is available at $0.95 per token.
The value of purchased tokens will be calculated according to the ETH rate on the contract closing date (2021-05-31 23:59).


In order to execute a contract deposit via the form it is necessary to have a MetaMask wallet with sufficient funds installed.


The MetaMask wallet can be downloaded >>here<< as a browser extension.


Find a video >>here<< on what is MetaMask, how install it and how to use it.


MetaMask extension payments:


  1. In the submission form choose your currency (ETH, USDT, USDC or DAI)
  2. In the “Amount” section enter the amount of currency you intend on spending
  3. Click “Make payment”
  4. This will trigger the MetaMask extension (if you do not have the MetaMask extension, please see the red banner – download and install the extension)
  5. If you are not yet logged in, MetaMask will request you to do so
  6. MetaMask will ask you to allow a connection with this website – approve the connection in Metamask
  7. MetaMask will request a final confirmation of the payment
  8. Confirm it in the MetaMask popup
  9. You’re all set! Give it a couple minutes and check that your payment has arrived on the contract address.


Payments via an ETH wallet:


You can execute a payment onto a contract directly from your ETH wallet – however, while doing so please make sure to follow all the rules or otherwise, in the event of a mistake, your funds will be irrecoverable.


BigShortBets is not accountable for erroneous payments via this method.


  1. Direct contract payments can be executed only with ETH – no other currencies are accepted!
  2. The contract only accepts ERC-20 tokens, using any other standard (eg BEP20) will result in the irretrievable loss of all funds sent!
  3. Execute payments only from your ETH wallet (e.g. MetaMask, Ledger) – do not transfer directly from the exchange!
  4. In order for a transaction to be executed successfully, the gas limit has to be increased to the range of 50,000-60,000. Otherwise, the transaction might not be executed successfully – however you will still be charged the transaction fee.


Contract address: 0x1863b0c9f63e686a3e7928a21b527c7b3ced5895


Status: -

Deposits above 15 000 EUR or 5 ETH

If you want to deposit an amount above EUR 15,000 or 5 ETH, please contact Robert Drożdżewski:

Robert Drożdżewski

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