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We are Bigshortbets Research, an independent research organization with a passion for economics, finance, and technology—including AI, crypto, and more. If you’ve found us, you’re likely seeking valuable information about capital markets, specific sectors, or companies. Our team is composed of specialists in capital markets, trading, legal, media, and social sectors—each bringing their unique experiences to our joint project. Together, we create better conditions for market participants and contribute to its healthy development.

Bigshortbets Research is a grassroots community-organization that has been formed around enthusiasts eager to take action. We conduct OSINT, white intelligence, financial analyses, and more, but all these activities are based on information—its acquisition, formulation, analysis, and distribution. Without information, there is no idea or action. Often, even seemingly insignificant facts, employee knowledge, or simply—constructive observation tells a lot about the issue at hand and directs attention to the real problem. If you believe you have important information or knowledge about a matter that should be investigated—whether economic, financial, or social—let us know! Or perhaps you think that market abuses, unfair or illegal practices are occurring somewhere and need to be thoroughly investigated?