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BigShortBets Team

Rafał Zaorski

Spiritus movens


Bartłomiej Lubianiec


Problem-solving specialist and human-to-programmer interpreter

Rafał Kiełbus

Rafał Kiełbus

Blockchain smart contract master

Are you sure you need a blockchain for this?

Robert Drożdżewski

Token Owner Community & Presale


Jacek Gadzinowski

Strategic Advisor PLNc

Networking Master & Social Media Ninja

Maciej Orłowski - ORWASH

Social Media & PR & Community

Twitter is my second home

Tomasz Rudowicz

Wordpress Developer

Website creator; if anything isn’t 100% a-okay - that’s on him!

Krystian Laskowski


I make sure that the frontend side of things flows smoothly. Developer by day, HODLer by night.

Filip Szcześniak


Native speaker of JavaScript - developer and investor (buy high, sell low).

Mateusz Kelner


Digital interior designer, developer and active investor.

Emanuel Zarzecki


A young Demis Roussos of backend.

Dawid Kosiński


My calling is backend development - my after-hours hobby is sports.

Krzysztof Jaworowski


Professionally I deliver backend via Python - and after work you can find me at summoners rift and dust2.

Paweł Nowak


Coding since elementary school, mathematician, cryptoenthusiast.

Bartosz Woch


I manage documentation and feature functionalities description in the project. Investor & HODLer who occasionally likes to grid a short.

Filip Sobiecki

Tech Journalist

Interviewing business & techstars in public at least once a week - I spend the rest of the week talking to them in private.

Arkadiusz Lenkiewicz - Lenki

Research & Content

Creating information flow.

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