This is the day when the new generation of media and investing will have it’s beginning.


September 16, 2021

On 6th of September a TGE, Uniswap listing and token release happened. This is the “cherry on the cake” when comes to our project. From the begging of April our Team was strongly focused on developing the platform that is the flagship product of our project. The development process was carefully described and presented on our weekly Devs & Hodlers Meetings on our YouTube channel.

Right now we are in a place where $BigSB token is released and we have fully functional social platform that allows interaction between investors. Profiles, Groups, and encrypted messages are already implemented on BigShortBets platform. This means that users already have their identity protected and the communication between them is anonymized. These goals are reached already but there is much more ahead of us. And a lot more to improve.

Following weeks that team will be delivering the Android App version of BigShortBets platform and Market feature. So not only the will be Clearnet gate for our Tornet tool, but also the Android version will. This is a big leap in terms of marketing side of the project and those apps will be utilized for that purpose.

The team is already both working on the market and possible arbitrators that will operate on the platform. First announced of the cooperation is around the corner. Thank you for being with us. Thanks to you the idea of freedom of information, trade and opinion is closer than ever.

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