BIGSB Token Claim

Only wallet addresses participating in the 1st or 2nd stage of Presale or Public Sale without the KYC procedure (below the threshold) are eligible to receive tokens. To receive BIGSB tokens, you need ETH for the gas fee.


To receive tokens, the wallet must support web 3.0 applications and smart contracts. Check your wallet’s manual to see if it has the above-mentioned functions. MetaMask is the recommended wallet because it meets all the criteria.


If the deposits were made using a wallet other than MetaMask, e.g. hardware Ledger or MyEtherWallet, connect it to MetaMask and then claim the tokens.


Token claim procedure:


1. Connect your MetaMask wallet or other wallet connected to Metamask e.g. Ledger from which deposits were made by clicking the “Connect to Metamask” button on the right side.


2. Accept wallet connection in the MetaMask window.


3. Click the “Claim BigSB” button,


4. In the MetaMask, a message about the gas fee will appear. Select the appropriate gas fee (Gas limit: 160 000) and accept the transaction,


CAUTION: The transaction requires a Gas Limit of 160,000. You can check the current Gwei price at


5. Wait for the transaction to be completed. Once the transaction is complete, a message will appear in your wallet,


6. Add the BIGSB token address to your wallet using the token address below.


NOTE: Claiming tokens to a different address is possible only through the website. The user does so at his own risk.


Token address: 0x131157c6760f78f7dDF877C0019Eba175BA4b6F6

Claim contract: 0xeF2EecaaBFcE330A3f5FA24c99E27d5A04A2155b

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