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Every decentralized platform with an ecosystem needs something that could help with the information flow and facilitation of all transactions on the platform. Using existing tokens would be too dependent and vulnerable. That is why we came up with our own token – BIGSB. $BIGSB is the native token of BigShortBets platform that serves a variety of functions. 


Token functions:


  • entry ticket – a user must hodl $BigSB token to get access to the platform,


  • platform currency – every transaction on the platform (buying/selling the information) will be secured by BIGSB token,


  • base token – the BIGSB token will be the base currency for settling bets other than stocks & crypto (NASDAQ, S&P500, Crude Oil etc.) e.g. bets on weather


The appropriate amount of BIGSB tokens will also qualify for reduction of the commission for transactions on BigShortBets Decentralized Futures Market


On top of all functions we have deflationary nature and staking programme. From every transaction made with $BigSB on blockchain a 1,5% fee is deducted. 0,5% of this fee is burned, and 1% of it is distributed proportionally among hodlers using RFI-like technology. It means that from each transaction made with $BigSB on blockchain you will be automatically rewarded for hodling $BigSB.


No lock. No limited rewards pool. Pure staking.




Deflationary token

BigShortBets charges a 1.5% fee per each transaction.

  • 0.5% is automatically burnt, in turn reducing the number of $BigSB tokens in circulation
  • 1% is divided equally across all $BigSB hodlers.

Utility in the BigShortBets tool

Staking is achieved via the usage of an RFI – like mechanism. Staking always works for every
hodler – thanks to which we cut off the supply of tokens and encourage $BigSB owners to hodl.

Utility in the BigShortBets tool

The number of tokens one has directly influences the quality and access to market data,
leaks and non-public data. Any active user is incentivised to utilise the coins to operate
within the platform.

Thanks to that we limit the supply of tokens in the market and decrease the supply pressure –
translating into a higher probability of increasing the token’s value.

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