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What happens if we take the unlimited crowdsourced information and connect it to a platform where you can create unlimited markets?

The bigshortbets happens.

bigshortbets is a revolutionary web3 platform which is build to improve the position of retail investors on the stock and crypto markets against big players that are in control of the status quo.

The platform challenge that status by giving equal access to information that is crucial in decision-making. Moreover, bigshortbet$ allow users to trade futures on a peer-2-peer basis, allowing for market interaction in the purest form possible.

The credibility of information and sources found on bigshortbets is ensured via a token-based reputation system and a social community ranking. In bigshortbet$ we have a vision of the free exchange of information and a possibility for people to trade without interception or using third parties.

The tool is widely available across the platforms of mobile apps, web, desktop and Tor:

  • Mobile Android App
  • Desktop Web App (Clearnet & Tor)
  • Mobile Web App

How to join bigshortbets community?

For Clearnet version, use this link:

For full privacy and tracking protection, follow these 3 steps:

1. Download Tor browser from:

Don’t worry, it is safe. It is a normal browser but with slightly different
capabilities. Very useful capabilities in our case.

2. Download the MetaMask extension for Mozilla FireFox from:

It will suggest a version of MetaMask for Mozilla because the Tor browser is DarkNet version of Mozilla FireFox (more or less).

3. After setting up your MetaMask paste following address in your Tor browser:


After that just log in to the platform using your MetaMask wallet and follow instructions provided on site.

As simple as that.

REMINDER: This is a SandBox version of our platform. That means not all the functions of the final product are yet available. The developers are working hard to deliver something as close to the final product as possible, but some changes might occur. Have fun testing!

Devs & Hodlers

ICP Accelerator Meet Warsaw, ICP tech & market stage of works

ICP Meet Warsaw, Market Grand Competition & other events

ICP Market - the Market on ICP talks


1.00.0 (BETA)

Aktualizacja: 29/10/2023

P2P Market update (RUST)


* Migration of indexer to new version, support for hot-blocks processing
* Fixed issue with dangling offseting orders

0.54.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 23/09/2023

P2P Market update (RUST)


* Added gas estimation support for market
* Chain-spec build with production endpoints
* Distributed bootnodes to different domains
* Cluster setup for root set of nodes
* Cloud configuration and deployment for indexer with load balancing

0.53.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 10/09/2023

P2P Market update (RUST)


* Oracle commitee with aggregated oracle price
* Liquidation status for every user with RPC endpoint
* Offsetting between two the same users
* Position settlement for Underwater users
* Fixed invalid extrinsic selector for cancel_order call

0.52.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 19/08/2023

P2P Market update (RUST)


* Draft and tests of multi-currency markets
* Security improvments for identifiers
* try-runtime integration for local testing of runtime upgrades
* Additional unification of gas prices for EVM and Substrate transactions

0.51.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 22/07/2023

P2P Market update (RUST)


* Exposed batch transactions to EVM
* Liquidations based on required deposit
* L2 liquidations engine
* Automatic offsetting orders cleanup

0.50.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 09/07/2023

P2P Market update (RUST)


* Governance for market creation/deployment
* Unified UUID system
* Order cancelation, double offset scenarios
* Required margin calculation, withdrawals of margin with limit
* EVM transactions fees transfer to treasury
* Supoport for market events processing in indexer

0.49.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 27/06/2023

P2P Market update (RUST)


* Indexer open-source projects research
* Multisig support
* Identity of users
* Draft of position liquidations

0.48.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 13/06/2023

P2P Market update (RUST)


* Maintenance margin, M2M research, automatic M2M functionality
* Tests with real market parameters and data
* Exposed missing market EVM interfaces
* Offsetting positions draft with real data scenarios
* Testing of addressing with ECDSA keys only
* Object identifiers optimization
* Changed margin representation to percentage
* M2M on demand with oracle price

0.47.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 14/05/2023

P2P Market update (RUST)


* Added contract unit
* Setup of automatic market deployment, storage optimizations
* USDC decimals alignment, analyze of multi-close position orders
* Draft of profit/loss transfers
* Added treasury and aligned with fee redistribution
* Prioritization of oracle messages
* Benchmarking of market extrinsics

0.46.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 07/05/2023

P2P Market update (RUST)


* L2 order book caching research
* Token transfer EVM <-> Substrate with address conversion
* Automatic node restart policy in case of crash
* Removed secondary currency, Charging fees in USDC
* Margin trading, surcharges to positions
* Oracle setup, tests with dynamic oracle changes

0.45.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 29/04/2023

P2P Market update (RUST)


* First iteration of L2 distributed order matching engine
* Implementation of position closing feature
* Migration to new version of engine
* Draft Kubernetes config setup for blockchain
* Multi domain nginx setup, libp2p node discovery optimization
* Performance tests of nodes distributed among different locations

0.44.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 11/04/2023

Application update


  • added three new CME contracts
  • improved orderbook refreshing
  • fixed bug related to “Its you”
  • added additional fields to contract details
  • corrected an error with displaying the title of the “Messeges” tab
  • added validation and price from Orderbok in the position closing modal
  • changed the blockchain address in the network addition modal
  • improved group search
  • added loading state orders
  • improved order placement by the bot
  • improved display of profit and loss
  • fixed orderbook when closing positions


P2P Market update (RUST)

* Fee redistribution to validators
* Added USDC as secondary currency
* Exposed USDC as ERC-20 on EVM
* Added market parameters like tick size, market deployment tests
* Order maker price setup, transactions batching

0.43.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 14/03/2023

Application update (SandBox)


  • fix bot closing orders
  • add max button
  • frontend improvements
  • fix liquidation price


P2P Market update (RUST)

* Gasless order matching research
* Migration to new engine with EVM support
* Communication between engine and EVM
* Testing node setup and load balancing
* Draft of on-chain order book
* L2 manual order matching testing
* Aligned EVM gas estimation with engine weights

0.42.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 14/02/2023

Application update (SandBox)


  • add source of funds for order on market
  • market fixes
  • Enable oracle price by default on version environments
  • fixing searchbar problem
  • add new fields to position table
  • added closing position modal

0.41.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 14/01/2023

Application update (SandBox)


  • 24h volume given
  • improvement of application typography
  • add closing orders to the websocket order book stream
  • group widget
  • added button bait
  • CSS background settings
  • change of control button

0.40.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 14/12/2022

Application update (SandBox)


  • fixing errors related to the orderbook
  • fixed bug related to user observation
  • changes in oracle price
  • adding a test environment for the Goreli network
  • notifications on the market
  • bug fix in groups
  • added loading state on the market

0.39.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 14/10/2022

Application update (SandBox)


  • Fixed bug with Bait card
  • Fixed bug related to being able to observe oneself
  • Added a user card on the bait
  • Changed the number of characters on the Bait add modal
  • Fixed a bug related to the observation of a group member
  • Fixed error related to the search engine
  • Fixed of errors in groups
  • Added the ability to add numbers in hashtags
  • Hashtag section rebranding
  • Fixed bug with empty files in Bait add modal

0.38.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 23/09/2022

Application update (SandBox)


  • Login button change
  • Warning message in the public application re-style
  • Fixes related to the bait adding modal
  • Added the name of attachments in the bait

0.37.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 26/08/2022

Application update (SandBox)


  • Added mobile landing page informing the user that the mobile login is not possible
  • Filter’s bug fix
  • UI/UX fixes

0.36.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 22/07/2022

Application update (SandBox)


  • Added a new search engine
  • Added new filters
  • Added a new login page
  • Added a user search by @
  • Added a hashtags search after #
  • Dark Mode Fixes

0.35.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 24/06/2022

Application update (SandBox)


  • Added user search in private chat
  • New Bait modal added
  • Fixes related to displaying attachments in Bait
  • Fixes related to the public version of the application

0.34.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 13/04/2022

Application update (SandBox)


  • Change the pattern of the Bait addition modal
  • Fixed scrolling on main page
  • Added a user card
  • Fixes related to the DAO voting panel

0.33.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 08/04/2022

Application update (SandBox)


  • Added a tab of watched users
  • Fixed attachments in Bait
  • Added a new language selection style
  • Fixed related to the observed hashtags
  • New Bait view added
  • Added a new comment section
  • DAO voting panel added

0.32.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 18/03/2022

Application update (SandBox)


  • Repairs related to Filters
  • Repairs related to User Profiles
  • Application optimization

0.31.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 25/02/2022

Application update (SandBox)


  • Group related repairs
  • Fixes related to the Dark Mode

0.30.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 11/02/2022

Application update (SandBox)


  • Fixed unread messages
  • Market smart contract tests
  • Added new typography
  • Added a new UserPortfolio component
  • Bridge configuration
  • Added Bait moderation for group administrators

0.29.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 28/01/2022

Application update (SandBox)


  • Fix for Dark Mode
  • Fixes related to URLs
  • Adding the skeleton of a new Market
  • Adding user search functionality

0.28.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 14/01/2022

SandBox App update


  • Application optimization
  • Improving the responsiveness of the application
  • Dark Mode display fixes
  • Fixed bug with loading followers

0.27.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 31/12/2021

SandBox App update


  • Fixed scrolling fixes for individual items
  • Improved application performance
  • Improved login performance

0.26.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 17/12/2021

SandBox App update


  • Market SandBox bug fixes
  • UI improvements
  • UX optimization

0.25.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 03/12/2021

SandBox App update


  • Dark Mode added
  • Market Sandbox bug fixes
  • Market SandBox optimization

0.24.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 19/11/2021

SandBox App update


  • Market SandBox added
  • Bait edit option (up to 5 min after creation) added
  • Page refresh error fixed
  • UX fixes for group view
  • Display of notifications improved

0.23.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 05/11/2021

SandBox App update


  • Corrected login option in the case of the first login added
  • Bug that caused a lost view fixed
  • The order of displaying attachments in baits improved
  • Graphic corrections and optimizations

0.22.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 22/10/2021

SandBox update


  • Up-vote / Down-vote reaction colors change
  • Errors related to incorrect display of avatars fixed
  • Improved position of the loader in the group view

0.21.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 08/10/2021

SandBox App update


  • Issue with the last message not appearing in Private Chat fixed
  • Issue with adding the same comment multiple times fixed

0.20.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 24/09/2021

SandBox App update


  • Information about the roles of members in the group has been added
  • Added information about the reactions to the bait given by the user commenting the post
  • “Page Not Found” view has been fixed
  • User rank information has been added to the lists
  • A message has been added for invalid values in hashtags
  • Full-size preview of images in baits has been added

0.19.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 17/09/2021

SandBox App update


  • The ability to attach up to 5 files in a bait added
  • User ranks have been improved
  • UX fixes in user, groups view
  • Application performance improvements

0.18.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 10/09/2021

SandBox App update


  • Added the ability to edit bait within 5 minutes of publication
  • Added the ability to edit a comment within 5 minutes of publication
  • Added account follow notifications
  • Blocked the ability to add reactions to your baits and comments
  • Change from ETH to BigSB
  • User reputation has been expanded by reactions and replies to comments, slowing down the ranking decrease for new users
  • Reputation in groups was separated
  • Displaying group descriptions in lists

0.17.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 03/09/2021

SandBox App update


  • Option to attach and download sound files (wav) to baits added
  • App security improvements

0.16.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 27/08/2021

SandBox App update


  • Ranking tab added – statistics of users, baits, groups, hashtags
  • Bug fixes of errors in the observed hashtags on the user’s account
  • Bug fixes in text files
  • Hashtag and language search improvement

0.15.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 20/08/2021

SandBox App update


  • Improved encryption and protection for private chat
  • The ability to attach txt, pdf, docx files to baits added
  • UI / UX improvements in baits, user profile and groups view

0.14.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 13/08/2021

SandBox App update


  • Improvement of random order of options when accepting users in groups
  • The hashtags view has been added
  • Improved UI section of popular hashtags
  • Fixed notifications in groups
  • Fixed bugs in reply to comment
  • Background photos added to the user’s profile
  • Group sorting has been added to all tabs
  • Owner information added to the group list

0.13.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 06/08/2021

SandBox App update


  • Refining the sections of the most popular hashtags
  • Tab displaying groups which the user is the owner added
  • Protection against creating empty accounts added
  • Bug fixes and improvements

0.12.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 30/07/2021

SandBox App update


  • Improvements to notifications: pagination, requests to join the group redirects to the admin panel
  • A view of the most popular hashtags has been added
  • Change of the UI of the application
  • Login without captcha and required account transactions for new users
  • Further improvements of the reputation system
  • Removal of baits by group owner
  • Sharing baits

0.11.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 23/07/2021

SandBox App update


  • Group-related notifications added
  • Spam protection for account creation added
  • Limit to adding groups depending on user rank added
  • Bug in language filtering fixed
  • Chat bug fixed
  • Bug with displaying the same baits when scrolling the application fixed

0.10.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 16/07/2021

SandBox App update


  • Reactions to comments has been added
  • Notifications related to baits added
  • Support for links in the application added
  • Warnings about opening external links added
  • The security of file storage increased
  • “see less” option in bait added
  • Option to filter by language in the following tab added
  • Bug of not being able to change the reaction in the bait fixed
  • Bad date display in old baits fixed

0.9.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 09/07/2021

SandBox App update


  • Baits searching by language added
  • Language hashtag prompt when creating a bait added
  • Option to write comments to comments added
  • Communication and logging in with MetaMask which has hard wallet connected optimized and improved

0.8.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 02/07/2021

SandBox App update


  • Private chat encryption
  • Comments’ notifications from own baits
  • Sorting bait option added (by date from the oldest to the newest and from the newest to the oldest)
  • Additional functions for groups: assigning the role of moderator, banning a group member, kick from the group
  • Group statistics on group list added

0.7.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 25/06/2021

SandBox App update


  • View of watched users added
  • Functionality related to groups improved, user statuses added
  • Changes in adding a comment field
  • Bug fix: remove user description completely
  • Bug fix: group search – lower and upper case letters
  • Improved bait display algorithm
  • Application performance optimization

0.6.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 18/06/2021

SandBox App update


  • Marking of read messages feature added
  • Unread messages information display
  • Last message display bug fix
  • Baits added from user view not visible on the list bug fix
  • Sending messages to non-existent users is blocked
  • Groups search tool added

0.5.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 11/06/2021

SandBox App update


  • Added chat message pagination
  • Improved bait display after adding a new bait
  • Groups module launch
  • Added group creation
  • Added joining and admission to the group
  • Enabled adding baits in a group
  • Implementation of the UUID for all data models in the application

0.4.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 04/06/2021

SandBox App update


  • Private chat fixes
  • Change of comments’ throttling
  • Correction of comments added several times
  • Enabled adding avatars to the message
  • Improved message display for users with a long nickname
  • Improved hashtag validation
  • Blocked the possibility of sending empty messages

0.3.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 28/05/2021

SandBox App update:


  • Adding and zone avatar
  • Hashtags formatting
  • Navigation to the home page (home and logo)
  • Comments formatting
  • Changes in the limits of 20 baits/h, 60 comments/h
  • Validation on nick fix
  • Application security improvements

0.2.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 21/05/2021

SandBox App update:


  • Added bug reporting function
  • Bait formatting
  • Chat fixes
  • Application security improvement

0.1.1 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 18/05/2021

HotFix SandBox App update


  • Change of BigSB labels to ETH – we are currently downloading and displaying the ETH value from the wallet instead of BigSB
  • Fixed user reaction display in bait
  • Repair of an error messages in editing the user profile – adding information about forbidden characters, nick length, not displaying the wallet address when opening the profile editing window
  • Text wrapping in bait
  • Text wrapping in comments
  • Displaying images in bait, even if the text is too long, the “see more” option applies only to text
  • The ability to add gifs in baits
  • Removing the doubled message about the lack of baits on the user account
  • Repair of an error message when trying to use a busy nick
  • Repair of an error message with too long hashtag

0.1.0 (SandBox)

Aktualizacja: 14/05/2021

SandBox App release.


Download and install Tor browser and MetaMask plugin to access the platform.

Sandbox Tor address: http://qnlpdxvevjpt42hwl6tigm73nkqg5yfv4rbl3d3alhv6d5hjz6nlqdyd.onion

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