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Sandbox Tor address: http://qnlpdxvevjpt42hwl6tigm73nkqg5yfv4rbl3d3alhv6d5hjz6nlqdyd.onion

We are creating a social platform that guarantees encrypted interaction between investors. Logging in is possible via a cryptocurrency wallet (e.g. Metamask). The security level is one comparable to the Tor network.

We enable speculative action for everyone – much like the Gamestop event. An unobstructed free flow of information in the name of freedom of speech and opinion.

The credibility of information and sources found on BigShortBets is ensured via a token-based reputation system and a social community ranking.

Our tool will be widely available across the platforms of mobile apps, web, desktop and Tor.

  • mobile version
  • desktop version
  • Tor version

How to sign up to our SandBox platform?

It is very simple. Just follow these 3 steps:

1. Download TOR browser from:

Don’t worry, it is safe. It is a normal browser but with slightly different
capabilities. Very useful capabilities in our case.

2. Download the MetaMask extension for Mozilla FireFox from:

It will suggest a version of MetaMask for Mozilla because the TOR browser is DarkNet version of Mozilla FireFox (more or less).

3. After setting up your MetaMask paste following address in your TOR browser:


After that just log in the platform using your MetaMask wallet and follow instructions provided on site.

As simple as that.

REMINDER: This is a SandBox version of our platform. That means not all the functions of the final product are yet available. The developers are working hard to deliver something as close to the final product as possible, but some changes might occur. Have fun testing our platform.

Devs & Hodlers





0.3 (sandbox)

Aktualizacja: 28/05/2021

SANDBOX App update:


– adding and zone avatar
– hashtags formatting
– navigation to the home page (home and logo)
– formatting comments
– changes in the limits of 20 baits / h, 60 comments / h
– fix validation on nick
– application security improvements

0.2 (sandbox)

Aktualizacja: 21/05/2021

SANDBOX App update:

– added bug reporting function
– bait formatting
– chat fixes
– application security improvement

0.1.1 (sandbox)

Aktualizacja: 18/05/2021

HotFix v0.1.1 is now available!

Thanks to the community’s commitment to testing the SandBox version of our platform, we have released HotFix v0.1.1 which fixes the reported bugs.
The list of amendments is as follows:
-change of BigSB labels to ETH – we are currently downloading and displaying the ETH value from the wallet instead of BigSB
-fixed user reaction display in bait,
-repair of an error messages in editing the user profile – adding information about forbidden characters, nick length, not displaying the wallet address when opening the profile editing window,
-text wrapping in bait,
-text wrapping in comments,
-displaying images in bait, even if the text is too long, the “see more” option applies only to text,
-the ability to add gifs in baits,
-removing the doubled message about the lack of baits on the user account,
-repair of an error message when trying to use a busy nick,
-repair of an error message with too long hashtag,

Many thanks to the development team for quick response to reported bugs, and to the community for helping to find them.

0.1 (sandbox)

Aktualizacja: 14/05/2021

Sandbox released!

To be able to use the sandbox, you need to install the Tor browser and download and install the MetaMask plugin. >Sandbox Tor address: http://qnlpdxvevjpt42hwl6tigm73nkqg5yfv4rbl3d3alhv6d5hjz6nlqdyd.onion

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