The 70% total supply burn and upcoming P2P Market launch marks an end to R&D phase and begins the commercialization. With that planned, bigshortbets forms a new TOP250 Government to manage and consult changes in the project in accordance to DAO principles.


October 11, 2023

With the burn of 70% of the total supply and the upcoming launch of the P2P Market, bigshortbets is finalizing the last activities related to the completion of the R&D phase and entering the commercialization phase of the project (more on the token burn and commercialization of the project can be found in this article)

One of the tasks is to change the current form of government operating from 2021 – consisting of a board of 40 people who consulted all changes in the project – into the “Top 250 Government” consisting of the 250 largest BIGSB hodlers. At the same time, the grassroot TOP50 group, which creates a group to influence the development of the project, also operates on similar principles.

The aim of such action is to create a democratic project management process that is consistent with the assumptions of the DAO. From October 9, based on verification, users with the largest wallets will have access to a closed group of community members who will manage changes to the project.

Access to this group should be verified with a wallet on the ETH network with BIGSB tokens via the website:

After connecting the wallet, if the wallet belongs to the TOP250 group, the system will generate a one-time access link to the group on Telegram.

Thanks to this form of operation, the process of selecting people to manage the project is more simple, democratic and transparent.

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