The platform solves modern problems by giving access to decentralized infrastructure in which users can exchange intel and trade P2P Futures.


April 5, 2022

Information society

The term “information society” began to be popularized in 1968 in Japan after the publication of the dissertation entitled Introduction to Information Theory by Kenichi Koyama. This work was the basis for creating an Information Society Implementation Plan — the first in the world. Back then, in the public consciousness, the value of information was not as great as it is today.

Japan set itself the goal of creating an information society by 2000, thanks to which today we can notice a very high self-awareness of Japanese citizens, and this in turn creates such phenomena as, for example, economic patriotism.

After a few decades, there is no doubt how valuable information is — anywhere in the world. Not everyone knows how to handle information. How to get it? Where to use? How to build an advantage with it? Even a single piece of information often becomes a stimulus to make a decision (often life-changing). Such an example: Jerome Powell said… * open order *. The problem is that when Mr. Powell speaks these words, it is already too late — this is information for the street. Therefore, no less important than the information itself are the tools for handling and distribution. This area is being developed by the bigshortbets Team.

In order to answer the question posed in the title — “What is bigshortbets?”, The most adequate answer seems to be — a community equipped with appropriate tools for the safe exchange of information and using it on the markets.

bigshortbets — what are we fixing?

The bigshortbets Platform allows you to solve several problems that stand in the way of unhampered gathering and use of information, including:

  • Unequal access to information
  • Disproportions between market participants
  • Control of governments and regulators
  • Anonymous peer-to-peer futures trading with cryptocurrencies
  • […]

To solve a problem, firstly you need to be willing to solve it. Secondly — you need the tools that will allow you to do this. The bigshortbets Team deals with the latter — making the dream of a self-sufficient and autonomous community come true — defending its rights to freedom, responsible and active market participants, having the appropriate attributes in their hands.

The bigshortbets Platform consists of two main segments:

I. Anonymous Information Platform

II. Decentralized Futures Market — DAO Market

The Anonymous Information Platform acts as an encrypted social forum, with tools that allow you to work with information — acquire, trade, create interest groups around a specific industry or information, etc.

Information exchange requires a secure infrastructure and uncensored interaction between users. One of the pillars of the project is anonymity, and the platform guarantees its preservation by logging in using the MetaMask wallet. According to the “zero-knowledge” policy, the only information constituting the identity of the account on the platform is the wallet address. No personal data is required and stored. To ensure the best experience of using bigshortbets, the information platform segment has known mechanisms of interaction between users used in the popular social — media. [More in White Paper]

So we have access to information, created our feed, know what is happening in the market and around the world. What’s next?

Many people remember the issue of GameStop shares and the WSB environment — the community organized itself from the bottom up, unfortunately the Robinhood exchange, where the trading took place, began to use unfair practices. Later, even the SEC joined — no pleasure dealing with such problems. That is why — for independence, the bigshortbets Futures Market is being created, which will function in the DAO model. This means that fate and development will rest in the hands of the voting community. The market will allow peer-to-peer trading on any asset without the involvement of a third party. All this with the use of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.

Decentralized Futures Contracts are contracts that have a mechanism to follow the price of a given pair of assets (e.g. quarterly or perpetual settlement). In the case of bigshortbets, it refers to assets equivalent to assets on a conventional exchange, but in a decentralized and virtual manner. In this case, the popular NDX/USD (Nasdaq) pair will be billed e.g. as BNDX/USDC, i.e. in stable tokens. The bigshortbets futures system also has a trading engine that monitors the contracts in terms of time, quantity and owner. [More in White Paper]

bigshortbets is to be an autonomous, self-sufficient platform focused on committed market participants. The entire betting process — from selling/ acquiring information, through making a decision, to opening and closing a position will take place within the bigshortbets ecosystem. This is just one example of the platform use in practice, the possibilities are many and the only limitation is the creativity and involvement of users. An anonymous platform that allows you to encrypt messages, trade any type of content or any P2P contracts is in fact an ocean where many people can find and use tools in very different ways.

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